3 Reasons Why Leonardo DiCaprio & Gigi Hadid Getteing Closed

Truth is revealed

Sources told to people magazines that the two are "hanging out " but leonardo is pursuing the model

Reason No-1

Separation from 4 year long relationship  between Leonardo and Morrone

Reason No-2

Leonardo apparent tendency to date only women 25 and younger


In the past ,Leonardo's relationship ended many times while his significant turned 26

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In 1999 Leonardo used to date his youngest girlfriend of age 18 supermodel Gisele Bündchen

Reason No-3

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Leonardo and Gigi Hadid are seen now -a-days together to share common stage and carpet 

According to Gigi's official outreach "Gigi & Leonardo have hung out multiple times, but thay are not in relationship"'

Gigi thinks "Leonardo is a cool guy"

Gigi Hadid & her ex boyfriend Zayn  Malik have a daughter 

The 27 year old model is a responsible mother too

After being a mom Hadid's glamour never been seen sallowish

This may be the reason why Leonardo have been attracted to her

Let's see when they will oficially declare their relatioship status?