Bullet Train To The Moon & Mars

Japan Is Developing New Technology 

Japan Is Making A Cone Called Second Earth' In Mars & moon


The Cone is Called The Second Earth


It is about 1300 feet long and 328 feet in diameter


the Second Earth Is Called In The Name Of 'Glass', Scientist Expects This Project To be complted By 2122

This Will Create Artificial Gravitional Power Of 1G By Moving 1 Rotaion in 24 Seconds

Yellow Location Pin

Kyoto University & Kajima Corporation Working On It By Making Collaboration


'Glass', another world on the Moon and Mars In the 20th century,

Bullet Train Will Reach To Moon & Mars By 2122


The one that will land on the Moon will be called 'Lunaglass' and the one that will land on Mars will be called 'Marsglass'

Japan Will Create An Artificial Earth


To create an Earth-like environment, the basic elements of the Earth's environment such as soil, water, geography, organisms, plants, matter and chemistry will be artificially replaced

The group is also building a spaceship to travel between planets like in a fairy tale, which will basically run on a 'Hexatrack' and generate 1Gravitational force during the journey so that it is not difficult to travel long distances