VIDEO: Beautiful young lady dances to the tune of ‘Kalo Jole Kuchla Twale’, don’t miss it

As the era is becoming more modern, people are becoming more dependent on technology. With increasing work pressure, everyone is desperate to find entertainment. Many are relying on movies, and serials to get relief from work pressure. But where most people are flocking now is social media. There isn’t a thing that doesn’t happen or can’t be done here. People now roam more in the virtual world than in the real world.

Everything is becoming increasingly digital. This digitization is trending to make people’s work easier. Also, social media is getting better and better. Even ten years ago, the net world was not so exciting. But now the picture is completely different. Old social media platforms have been revamped and new platforms have also been launched. As a result, all the elements of entertainment are now available on these platforms of the net world. Most netizens spend most of their time, especially watching various videos.

Every platform has one thing in common, video. Netizens are gaining popularity using this video. Thousands of videos are going viral on the net every day. People laugh and laugh at some of them, and some of them make their minds heavy. Again, in some videos, the talent is being revealed in such a way that the netizens are getting shocked. Besides, many people have used social media as a means of earning money.

Recently, a video on YouTube caught the attention of netizens. In the video shared on a YouTube channel by Duars girl Riya Saha, a young woman was seen dancing in a red-bordered black saree. The young lady danced to the song ‘Kalo Jale Kuchla Tale Dubol Sanatan’ in a very beautiful environment. His dance style impressed the audience. 20 thousand people have watched the video so far. But it is clear that the number will increase soon.

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