Varun Dhawan impress by Bengali girl Devasmita’s voice on the set of Indian Idol and said “He pays the EMI”-See Video

Sony TV’s Indian Idol season 13 is on hold. Several people from Bengal are there this year. Senjuti, Sanchari, Anushka, Vidipta, Devasmita’s songs are all enjoying at the moment.

This time Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon came to this show to promote the film ‘Bheriya’. Incidentally, it was the ‘Thank You Ma’ special episode. The two stars could not contain themselves after listening to the emotional song for their mother. They praise the contestants with wet eyes. Especially the song ‘Tu Kitni Aachhi Hai’ sung by Bengali girl Devasmita captivated everyone.

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Varun Dhawan said he listens to Devasmita’s music. He kept the news as usual. It is not unknown to Varun that Devasmita wants to buy a washing machine for her mother. However, Devasmita has already bought it. Varun says “When I came to know that you want to buy a washing machine for your mother, I decided to give it to you as a gift”. Knowing that the washing machine has been purchased, Varun says, “I heard you bought it on EMI. You don’t have to worry about EMI, I will take care of it. If you need anything else, tell me, if you need a dryer, I will arrange that too”.

Netizens praised Varun for his use of AO in the comment box. Many people say that this kind of humanitarianism sets him apart from other stars. Many say they are proud of Varun.

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