Star Jalsha: After Zee, now Star, this popular serial is closing in just a few months

As soon as Durga Puja ends, one serial after another Bengali Serial has been canceled. The shooting of Zee Bangla’s popular serial ‘Khelna Bari’ has just been completed. Now another serial is going to be added to the list. Rumors in Telepara, Star Jalsa is also going to get angry on the neck of a popular serial very soon. Within a few days, one of the serials of this channel ‘Kamala O Shriman Prithviraj’ will end. The story of this serial is about to end.

It’s not even long since the serial started. The story of the serial is being completed in just eight months. This serial started its journey on Star Jalsa in March this year. The story weaved in the context of the Swadeshi movement soon caught the attention of the audience. The performance of two child actors in the role of hero and heroine has impressed the audience again and again. At times, when the rumors of the end of the serial were heard, there was an uproar in the audience.

But this time the buzz is much stronger. Kamala and Shriman Prithviraj are over or new serials are going to come in its place. In fact, the word mega serial is now going up. A series is no longer dragged on for years as before. All the serials are over in a few months, a year or two at most.TRPs are one of the major factors in ending a series. Now if there is a slight change in TRP, the serial is stopped if it fails to become the slot leader. Kamala and Mr. Prithviraj have not been in the top ten for a long time. So the viewers know very well that this series is about to end.

Whispers are heard that Kamala and Sriman Prithviraj will replace it with a serial produced by Snehasish Chakraborty when it ends. Actress Sanghamitra Talukdar of ‘Sarvajaya’ fame can be seen there. However, no official announcement has been made by the channel regarding the end of Kamala and Sriman Prithviraj. None of the actors and actresses have opened their mouths in this regard.

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