Shreya Ghoshal | Shreya ghosal singing in america with her son in her lap ,video goes viral on social media

Shreya is rehearsing the song with her son. The Cornish Net crowd. There is a proverb in Bengali, “He who binds his hair with Radha”. And this is perfectly applicable to Shreya Ghosal. One of the brightest stars in the world of music is Shreya Ghosal. He has sung in various films of Tollywood and Bollywood. Since then she has established herself as one of the leading singers.

There are probably very few people in the world who did not float in the flow of his songs. He has won over his fans in both Bengali and Hindi songs. Be it in stage shows or puja mandap, his songs are always hits. Apart from being a singer, she is also a mother. And that’s why he is raising his child with utmost care despite handling hundreds of tasks.

However, due to work, the singer has to run around the country. However, never let go of the son. Shreya also wants her son to grow up in a musical environment. Currently he is in the land of Kiwis. Making last minute preparations before performing on stage in Oakland. Recently that video has gone viral through the net. Where she is seen singing the song “Param Sundari”.

And little Devayan is listening to music sitting quietly on his mother’s lap. The way you are managing your career and son in one hand is really admirable.


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