Rittika Sen: Body appeal in tight clothes, don’t miss this hot video of Rittika Sen

Social media and video (Reel Video) are inextricably linked with each other. Viral videos are rampant everywhere on the old and new platforms on the net. In addition, after the banning of the TikTok app in the country, the concept of reel video has increased due to the rise of Instagram.

Everyone from common people to celebrities is in love with fun reel videos. Everyone has written their name in the race to go viral by making a video of a few seconds with a trending song or dance. As a result, Reel video reigns everywhere, on Facebook and Instagram. However, in the video that I will talk about in this report, actress Rittika Sen has been seen.

As I said earlier, everyone from the stars to us is in love with Reel. A group of stars have used reel videos to show how popular they are, especially on social media. In fact, social media has become very important these days and it has also had a major impact on the entertainment world. It is heard that how popular a star is on social media, his acting career also depends. However, there is a debate on the matter. But keeping all controversies aside, reel videos can be enjoyed.

Recently, a video of Tollywood actress Ritika Sen has been talked about a lot. The actress is seen wearing a white body-hugging gown in the video. The hair is tied in a bun on top of the head. He is dancing with sweet expressions to the rhythm of music in an open space. The popular song ‘Touch Me’ sung by Alisha Chinoy is included in the background along with the video. Netizens enjoyed the beautiful Ritika’s dance to the tune of the song. The video was shared on Instagram by a Tollywood page.

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Incidentally, Ritwika is a well-known face of Tollywood. He caught special attention by acting opposite Dev in the film ‘Arshinagar’. Hrithikari’s acting skills are, however, at a younger age. He made his debut in Jeet’s film ‘100% Love’. She was also one of the heroines next to Koel in the film. Then acted in films like Barbaad, and Challenge 2. Recently, Ritika stepped outside the confines of cinema and appeared in web series.

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