Remove blackheads on nose easily with 5 scrubbers

Doing everything on the face but the small dark spots on the nose bother you, or embarrass you in front of people? No worries, a few things at home will do the trick. Check out great tips on Hoophaap’s page –

These are called blackheads, the oil that comes out of the glands on the top of our nose. Black heads are formed here due to accumulation of dirt. So the point is to clean them of the outer dust or dirt. It doesn’t take much, you can whip them up with a few ingredients in the kitchen. So check out Hoophaap’s page for five easy tips to remove amazing blackheads.

1) First of all the very important ingredient is lemon juice. All of us are used to eating lemon at home, keep lemon juice on the nose for a while. Do this for seven days and you will see that the blackheads have reduced a lot.

2) Then the ingredient to talk about is rice powder. This powder is an amazing scrubber. Mix it well with a quantity of raw milk and put the mixture on the nose.

3) Egg white is another great ingredient to remove blackheads. Apply the white part of the egg very well on the nose and if necessary you can keep it with a tissue paper, put the white part of the egg on it again, after a while the tissue paper should be removed. Blackheads stick to tissue paper. You can do it daily, you will see that these black heads on your nose are completely gone.

4) If you want to remove blackheads on the nose, apply honey and cinnamon powder on the blackheads. Apply it for seven days in a row and after applying it read very well, you will see that the blackheads on your nose are gone.

5) Later you can apply it on the nose as a pack. So that you can give one tablespoon of cornflower, one tablespoon of egg white, one tablespoon of sugar, one tablespoon of coffee powder, mix each mixture very well and keep it on the nose for at least half an hour. Do it three days a week and you will see the black heads gone.

Warning- If you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned above, you should consult a specialist before use. Also, make sure to talk to the doctor first to avoid any problems.

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