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Recently we highlighted Ullu’s web series “Palang Tod” being produced by Malaysian comedy artist Lim
Siow Boon. In this released web series, the makers tackle social issues with humour. Now, in the second
part of the same series, “Friend Request,” Lim Siow Boon has brought its new next step considerably
and went the additional mile.

This season around, he goes to respond to a couple of topics from the public. Prime, one questions if he
will learn to sing and present a song. The maker says that he not really sure. Second, a woman asks him
whether he will propose to a girl to become his mate and if the man requires bringing her to some spa.

Palang Tod Friend Request Story :

The women react in super excitement. They inform him that they are not especially into taking baths but
that all they want to do is to make friends. Lim admires what he would tell if one of the two asked him
to get her to a bath. He then remembers what a shocking encounter he had with that spa when he last
visited Malaysia. He excuses for his action and offers Ullu to the women.

The webcast begins and the greatest thing that is obvious about the couple is that they were not really
friendly. They share some words but they do not regard each other in the centre. They smile at each
other’s jokes though they do not embrace each other. That all appears just as the ladies decide to follow
Ullu and this Palang Tod on their journey to discover love.

As the women sit and talk, Ullu gives her opinion. If they can develop their attention, that would benefit
them. Before they could carry matching t-shirts including those long pants. Instead, they could improve
their bandannas while putting on the same sunglasses. However, Ullu is not positive whether the
difference would be sufficient to draw a new friend of theirs.

Palang Tod Friend Request Other Details :
The web show concludes with Ullu putting her friend request to get over. The two women go to the gate
and the person walks into. Ullu does not acknowledge him but also identifies the appearance of the
person sitting opposite her. While she questions him why he requires requesting Ullu to come over. He
assures her that the both of them are great companions. The woman affirms and Ullu acquaints her with
her mate.

In the following episode of this new web series “The Palang Tod Friend Request,” the actors decide to
employ the night at Ullu’s home. The succeeding day, they join up to meet again but Ullu is not so
interested in going alone. Her parents arrive to accumulate her but she refuses. The show stops there.

Third season :
So notably, there is not much other news about the third part of this Palang Tod Friend Request. Most
of the characters are however in their school outfits. The makers yet to release more information
regarding the story of the web series, their new characters, or if this series will conclude. Only the true
Palang Tod social media page and web show’s page have no information about their forthcoming

Supporters of this web series can follow their Facebook page of this show. They can likewise share their
opinions and ideas for the freshest episodes. It seems like that cast and crew members are intending to
release some fresh episodes this season itself. Currently, the followers of this web series can maintain
the reviews from the first and second seasons. They can further share their fantasies about the web
show with other personages who followed their page on Facebook.

There are a lot of rumours about the future of the Palang Tod Friend Request series. One of those is that
shooting has already begun. Another news is that the actors and crew members are in pre-production.

However, one point is for certain that this successful web series Palang Tod Friend Request is continuing
to run as its online cast has enhanced to become very familiar with the audience. The public just
requires signing up to get the paid membership of the site to resume watching the web show. Well, if
they do not like the episode or the webcast, also they can simply eliminate their membership plans
anytime they wish.

Palang Tod Friend Request Review :

So considerably, the acknowledgement of the web series Palang Tod Friend Request has been
remarkable. It has become one of the most-watched drama-comedy series online. The show’s success
has also delivered Way2 Reload- it is the organization that produces the web series, in one of these most
famous website producers on the internet. In addition, it has further given a lift to Bajan Games, which
is known as a game development firm producing the follow-up to many hit web series.

This is going to be releasing on 2 July, so the wait is going to be over soon!

Well, stay Tuned with us for more gossips and Entertainment news.

Palang Tod Friend Request Wiki
Release Date Jul 02, 2021
Genre Drama | Romance
Season 1
Language Hindi
OTT Platform Ullu App
Origin Country India
Shooting Location
Banner/Production Ullu Digital Presents
Director Mohit Garg
Palang Tod Friend Request cast name
Mishti Basu Mishti Basu – as – Jasmeet
Akanksha Hans Akanksha Hans – as – Saima
no image Navish Panwar

Palang Tod Friend Request Trailer

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