Oindrila Sharma’s elder sister stated about her younger sister demise infront of media first time|বোনের অকাল মৃত্যুর পর মুখ খুললেন ঐন্দ্রিলার দিদি

Along with everyone, she also hoped that Aindrila Sharma would win the battle this time too, a ‘miracle’ would happen. She wanted to reunite with his little sister again, to revive the girls surrounded by light. Aindrila’s sister Aishwarya Sharma wanted to bring her sister back. But on Sunday afternoon, everything seemed to stop in one fell swoop. Aindrila returned home frozen.

Bereaved parents on one side on Sunday evening. On the other hand, Aindrila’s close friend Sabyasachi has become speechless like a stone. But Aindrila’s sister Aishwarya Sharma kept herself alive even though she was broken inside. She dressed his sister in red Benarasi. Aindrila was prepared for the last journey. At the last minute, she kissed his sister. It is as if she alone took the responsibility of handling everyone. But behind the glasses, his eyes were still searching for the two girls. Jogging on the balcony, love, murder, laughter….what more!

Aindrila’s sister Aishwarya changed her Facebook profile photo on Monday. Bring back childhood nostalgia. Aindrila’s current life is now like these pictures. On this day, he posted a picture of himself and Aindrila on his Facebook profile picture and cover photo. She shared a childhood picture of the two in the profile picture. He wrote in the caption, ‘My little Bunu.. this is how I lived holding each other’s hands all my life, am and will be..’. Just two days before this, Aishwarya posted a photo of her and Aindrila from her profile. She wrote in the caption of that photo, ‘With my favorite heroine. She is my everything.

Actress Oindrila Sharma remained in everyone’s mind even though she left this world crying on Sunday afternoon. Even in the message of mourning, the story of Aindrila’s fight remained an inspiration in everyone’s heart. Aindrila was not only an actress but lived as a daughter-sister-grandmother to everyone.


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