‘No music director has recommended me’! What sister Amrita said about Arijit

Arijit Singh is currently the brightest star in the world of Bengali and Hindi music. The popularity of his songs is nothing new to say. But do you know Arijit’s sister Amrita? He also has a melodious voice like his grandfather. His songs also have many fans. But how good is Arijit’s relationship with his sister? Even Amrita Singh Majumder is candid about how much or opportunities he got from his grandfather in his career.

A native of Mumbai, Amrita has been living in Kolkata since her marriage. He has been seen with grandfather Arijit in various stage shows in the country or abroad. However, her grandfather never asked a music director to give her sister a job. Today Amrita is working on her own efforts. Amrita worked in Indradeep Dasgupta’s ‘Bismillah’. Also sang in the film ‘Generation Me’. He has stepped into the world of Bengali playback holding Arindam’s hand.

Dada has also sung in “Paglet” composed by Arijit. However, Dada’s popularity will get in the way of Amrita? Or is it convenient to get work in the grandfather’s kingdom? In response to this question, the singer said that she wants to make a place in the music industry on her own merit. He did not act on his grandfather’s recommendation and did not want to. However, Amrita says that she talks about music. Learn a lot from him.

Also, due to being Arijit’s sister, she got the company of good people. He even said that he was able to go and take training at the house of an artist like Kaushik Chakraborty. He also said that he did not have to suffer like his grandfather. His path was very smooth. Arijit called his sister Sonamani. Amrita was also beaten by her grandfather when she made a mistake in singing in her childhood. Amrita’s singing journey started with reality shows like Dada. But he was eliminated before the judges faced off in “Indian Idol”.

And since then his meditation on music has become stronger. And Arijit and Amrita’s relationship is like five normal brothers and sisters. In addition to everything, there is much more discussion about music.

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