New Bengali Film: Laddu is the main character of the big screen from ‘Dance Dance Junior’.

Jaydev Mandal’s new film has Laddu in the lead role(Laddu)

Cine Bangla Desk: Bengali film is a matter of entertainment for Bengali audience. One picture after another is coming. This time another film is going to be released, the name of which is ‘Dishahin Mon Amar’ (Dishahin Mon Amar). The film is directed by Jaydev Mandal. New actors and actresses will be seen in this film.

Who are the main roles?

Those actors and actresses are Rohan Gamamir and Bratati Paul. Also acting in the film are Partha Sarthi Chakrabarty, Debasish Ganguly, Avik Bhattacharjee, Raju Majumder. Not only that, there are Yuvan Khan, Angira Bhattacharjee and Laddu as the host of Dance Dance Junior.

What is the main story of the film?

The story of the film revolves around a child Abhi. He lost his parents in an accident while studying at school. He then spends his days playing the mouth organ on the streets. And then he became friends with Amrita. Amrita is a daughter of a rich family. Slowly their relationship deepens. During this time he became friends with Amrita. Amrita is the daughter of a wealthy family from an established family. Their friendship deepens with time. Abhi teaches mouth organ to Amrita and Amrita teaches Abhi to study. After that Amrita went abroad. On the other hand, a childless couple adopts Abhi. They luckily then got admitted in the same college. The film must be watched to see what happens next. Binod Rathore is responsible for the music of the film. The shooting of the film has been done outside Kolkata. The film is going to be released under the banner of Nataraj Production Creation. However, it is not yet known when the film will be released.

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