Mother of two children in the space of seven months, Devina in the face of problems while breastfeeding!

Actress Debina Bonnerjee caught the attention of Bengali mothers by playing the role of Sita Maia on the television screen. And this time, the actress revealed the way to solve the problems of mothers in real life. Motherhood is a moment of great joy in women’s life, so many problems arise in the body during this time. And to solve these problems, the actress shared her experience of the birth and post-birth of her twin children. He talked about what are the problems with breastfeeding the newborn during motherhood and how to get out of it.

The actress opened a vlog channel on YouTube a few months ago. There he shared various experiences of his personal life with the fans. They shared many moments. But this time he told his female fans about his experience with a ‘serious’ issue. The mother of two is now an actress. And in a video, he also told about the problems he faced with breastfeeding these two children to raise them. She says in this video that a new mother may have a low supply of breast milk due to physical complications. But he said that there is nothing to worry about this. According to him, every woman has no obligation to have enough milk supply for her child. In this regard, the actress said that she had to face this problem when she had her first child.

But apart from the problems, motherhood moments and how sweet the feeling of breastfeeding your child is, she also told in this video. She says, “The first few days of breastfeeding are very exciting. Because you realize that you are feeding the child. You are ready to adapt to any situation for him.” The actress added, “But when breastfeeding becomes a habit for several days, its difficult side also comes to the fore. Symptoms include nipple swelling. Also sitting in the same position for a long time causes back pain.” Also in this video, he also advised mothers to eat nutritious food.

Incidentally, actress Devina Banerjee tied the knot with actor Gurmeet Chowdhury in 2011. They married again in 2021. Then in April 2022, their first child came into life. However, within 7 months of their first child, another daughter was born.


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