Madhumita Sarcar copies bengali superstar Dev

He has always been a fitness freak in Studiopara. Lately, actress Madhumita Sarcar has bound herself in the net of stricter rules. A strict diet throughout the year. Exercise with Madhumita is also well known as an actress. Several of his early performances have captivated netizens. At the same time, Madhumita’s sense of style is also eye-catching. Sometimes in sarees, sometimes in bold dresses. But this time she was caught in a gorgeous red lehenga. He posted that picture on Instagram. But one! This time Madhumita imitated the actor Dev (Dev)? How? Read details.

Actress Madhumita Sarkar recently posted several pictures from her Instagram handle. And in this film, the actress has caught a completely traditional look. But his boldness seems to be falling right here as well. Actress Madhumita Sarkar wore a gorgeous red deep neck traditional lehenga in these pictures. The cleavage of the lehenga is evident due to the deep neck at the top. The actress also wore matching jewellery. She wears a large nolak on her nose, bangles matching the lehenga in her hand, a small red tip on her forehead. This look of his has won the hearts of fans. However, a small controversy has also been created.

In this post of actress Madhumita Sarkar, many people think that she has copied actor Dev. But how? The answer is hidden in the caption of this post. Actress Madhumita Sarkar captioned the post with ‘Emni’ and a ‘love emoji’. Actor Dev has a trend of posting his pictures and writing ‘so’ in the caption. So did actress Madhumita Sarkar copy this trend of Dev? Many have raised this question in the comment box. Whether this copy is deliberate or merely coincidental, however, is not understood. But if it is intentional, the followers are looking forward to what it indicates.

Incidentally, both Dev and Madhumita Sarkar are spending a lot of time in the tolly industry. But the two were never seen together on the silver screen. Madhumita-Dev couple has not been seen in a film till today. But when will this pair be seen on the big screen, fans are looking forward to that.


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