Jaya Bachhan shares terrible period experience during shooting

The word ‘periods’ is still taboo to the society. But this is a normal physiological process. Women naturally possess this process. Yet till now almost none of the girls are comfortable talking about it. But this time, Navya Naveli Nanda discussed this matter with mother and grandmother. Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan’s daughter Navya was never in the spotlight as a star kid in that sense. However, he was accidentally caught by the paparazzi while pursuing higher education abroad. Swadhanicheta Navya currently hosts a podcast show called ‘What the Hell Navya’. Jaya and Shweta came as special guests on this show. With them, Navya discussed the problems related to periods.

Navya’s question was, how were Jaya and Shweta’s periods starting days! In reply, Shweta said, of course, she wanted to stay alone in her room all day. He used to eat a lot of chocolate and carbohydrates. But Jaya’s experience was completely different. Jaya or other actresses did not have vanity vans at the beginning of their careers. As a result, they were also deprived of the necessary facilities for women. Jaya said that there was enough trouble during periods. Had to go behind the bush to change sanitary cloth. Jaya reminisced about the time when sanitary napkins were not in vogue.

Girls used clean clothes. These cloths were tied around the waist by a belt made of the cloth, which the girls made themselves. Many people used soft and thin cotton towels instead of cotton cloths. Jaya said, during the shooting, he used to go to work with four sanitary cloths. There was a plastic bag with it. Jaya used to collect the clothes and bring them home. But he had to wait till the shooting was over which was quite uncomfortable. But in the middle of the show, Jaya apologized for talking so much about periods and the difficulties of that time. But this apology was not necessary. Because if women do not talk about their advantages and disadvantages, then no one will be there to speak for them. This is true.

Navya has taken several initiatives for women’s health and equality. Not only Navvay, many others are coming forward for the advancement of women. But women need cooperation. They need to come forward. Do women really benefit from sanitary napkins on days of menstruation or ‘periods’? Everyone from celebrities to common women is facing the problem of clean toilet. Changing sanitary napkins during periods may not require searching for a bush now. But there is lack of clean toilets. As a result women are often victims of infection. There are not enough toilets for them when they go out on the road. As a result, keeping urine in the body for a long time is causing kidney problems in women. Why are women repeatedly deprived of the right to education and health in the Indian constitution? Readers can answer this question?


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