Hong-Pao-Tea | Know about the price of worlds most expensive tea

Tea is a drink that almost everyone consumes more or less. Many people don’t start their day without drinking tea. Many chats are incomplete without tea. When a guest comes to the house, we entertain him with tea. Tea is not an easy thing. There are tea leaves that are more valuable than gold. It has been given the title of World’s Most Expensive Tea.

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The name of this tea leaf is Da-Hong Pao Tea. According to the report of BBC, in 2016, the price of each pot of these tea leaves was around 6 lakh 72 thousand rupees. This tea is produced in the Bhui Mountains of the Fujian region of China.





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There is a story that made this tea famous. A long time ago a student was going to Beijing to take an exam. The student suddenly fell ill on the road. The student seeks help from a temple priest. The priest or saint present on Mount Bhui gave the boy a cup of tea made from Da-hong-pao tea leaves. The boy was cured after drinking this tea. The boy stood first in that examination. After a king fell sick, he too was cured by drinking tea made from these leaves. The emperor ordered whoever passed that way to leave the red cloth on the tea tree. That’s why this tea is called Big Red Robe. This is Da Hong Pao in Chinese.

This tea contains flavonoids, polyphenols, theophylline and caffeine, etc., which reduce fatigue, reduce blood nicotine and alcohol levels. Da Hong Pao tea is also used to treat edema.

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