Hiya Dey | Bengali actress hiya dey trolled on social media for her dress

The screen caught the hot look in this slit gown. Netizens are sarcastic after seeing the picture. A few years ago, Hiya Dey gained popularity by acting as a child artist in the serial ‘Patal Kumar Ganwala’. His performance on screen was worth watching. The audience understood the hardships of child singer Patel’s life. Many years have passed since then. Now she is a teenager. But if you see her, she will seem like a young woman.

After that he was seen in the role of Alo in Zee Bangla’s ‘Alo Chaya’ serial. He even appeared in Star Jalsha in the lead role in the serial ‘Felna’. However, not only in the serial but also in the movie called ‘Nirbhaya’, Hiya has shown her face in the central role. Apart from career, Hiya Dey is also very active in social media. Sometimes netizens catch the attention of new pictures and videos.

It was her 14th birthday recently. And at her birthday party, she was caught by the screen in a Thai slit gown. He shared that moment on Instagram. In that video, Hiya is sometimes seen cutting the cake with friends. Seen dancing again. Sometimes it is seen to take pictures with a pose.

And seeing this picture and video, the netizens could not accept it at all. And so he threw one comment after another. Many people wished Hiya on the occasion of her birthday. However, as always, Patal did not care about the comments of the netizens. Instead, he celebrated his birthday in his own way. All in all, Patal’s birthday pictures and videos are viral on social media.


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