Having lost his father in his childhood, he had to grow up listening to Ganjana

When you see people in the world of entertainment, you usually recognize their smiling faces and the world of light. But their life is like a lamp. Although there is light above, darkness remains below. Which don’t get much publicity or exposure at all. And taking those dark moments in the chest, they effortlessly spoke in front of the camera. In today’s report, we will know about the difficult days of one such actress, which will make your eyes wet instantly.

This report is about Ashmita Chakraborty alias Ashmita Chakraborty from popular serial ‘Khelna Bari’. This calli is very lively on the screen of the series. Same in real life. However, his struggling childhood is hidden as deep as the stars in the daylight. Recently, the actress’s mother Pompa Chakraborty shared the story of that moment in the reality show ‘Didi No-1’. He said that Asmita lost her father at a very young age. Not because of any illness or disease, but because of an accident, his childhood suddenly changed. Little Asmita lost her father and became dark all around for a moment. The surroundings change in an instant. The family, the people of the neighborhood have changed.

Mother and daughter’s eyes get wet while talking about those days. Still, the mother of the actress told everything candidly on the stage. She said, “My husband died when he was one month old. No, no body was harmed. Asmita lost her father in an accident”. After losing his father, he had to be expelled from his father’s house. So the mother of the actress came to her father’s house with her daughter. Since then, the fight between mother and daughter began. It is known that Pampadevi did not have a very happy life even after coming to her father’s house. He had to suffer a lot there too. He said that he raised his daughter through a kind of struggle.

But those days are gone. Now their family has returned to prosperity. Now the girl has become fluent in the world, said her mother. He is currently playing the role of Dr. Kathakali Basu in the serial ‘Khelna Bari’. The series is also very popular among the audience.

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