Failure to observe these rules before touching Mother Tulsi will lead to great calamity

As per astrology, fill a brass vessel with water, add 4-5 tulsi leaves and keep it aside. Leave it overnight and sprinkle water on the entrance door in the morning. This will remove negativity from your home and allow positivity in it. Giving raw milk to Tulsi plant on Thursday will fulfill all your wishes. Your home will be filled with happiness and prosperity. Tulsi plant cannot be watered every day. Check out great tips on Hoophaap’s page –

Why Tulsi should not be watered on Ekadashi- According to religious beliefs, it is said that Goddess Tulsi was married to Vishnu’s Shaalgram on Ekadashi. It is also believed that Goddess Tulsi fasts on Ekadashi and offering water on this day breaks the fast.

Why Tulsi plant should not be watered on Sunday and Ekadashi-

The Tulsi plant is known as the most sacred plant in Hinduism. This tree is found in almost every Indian Hindu home. It is believed that, with this tree, Goddess Lakshmi resides in the house. With this Lord Vishnu also blesses the house. Tulsi is also considered to be very beneficial for our body. Because it has several medicinal properties, which help to heal our body. Also, this plant has been given special importance in ecology. According to the scriptures, the practice of planting Tulsi at home and watering it daily has been going on since ancient times. But there are certain days when watering the tulsi plant is prohibited. This day is Sunday and Ekadashi day. It is believed that watering a Tulsi plant on Sunday or Ekadashi can bring many problems in your life.

Why Tulsi plant should not be watered on Sunday-

Hindus use tulsi plant for all kinds of religious and auspicious purposes. Daily watering of tulsi plant is considered to be very beneficial. You should water the tulsi plant in the morning every morning but do you know which day you should not water the tulsi plant? Water should not be offered on Sundays because, experts believe, Mother Tulsi fasts for Lord Vishnu on Sundays and offering water on this day breaks her fast. This is why it is absolutely not recommended to water the roots of tulsi plants on Sundays. Vastu experts also say that if you offer water to Tulsi plant on Sunday, negative energy will live in your house. Due to this you may face some problems in life and Goddess Lakshmi may also get angry, it may bring financial crisis in your life.

Know how to plant tulsi tree in your home according to Vastu-

First of all, according to Vastu, the best place to keep tulsi plant is east side i.e. morning sun where it shines very beautifully.

Secondly, besides Vastu experts say, you can also keep North-East side for home improvement.

Thirdly, never keep an even number of tulsi plants in the house i.e. keep an odd number like one, three, five, seven.

Fourthly, there should be no dustbins, brooms, shoes or any such thing around the place where you are planting the Tulsi plant.

Fifth, never keep tulsi plant dry at home, if it dries, cut it immediately.

Disclaimer: The report has been written based on the suggestions and opinions of ecologists. Results may vary from person to person.

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