Crotona Plant | Learn how to grow crotona plant from leaf

Leafy trees look very beautiful. Many of us like to have deciduous trees as a fence or in the front of the house. This tree is quite good as an indoor plant. Do you want to plant deciduous trees at home? Can’t find seedlings? Did you know, you can make a leafy tree out of leafy leaves only? Let’s see.

Credit To-krishibangla

Cut off some of the mature leaves of the deciduous tree. The leaves should be taken in drops. Wash the leaves well.
Fill a container or tub with sand. If river sand is available it will be best. Because this sand is very good for plants. Bury the dried leaves in sand. Most of the leaves are outside the sand and should be kept this way.

Water regularly. In this case it is better to use grate. Otherwise the leaf may move out of place. Care should be taken to avoid sun exposure. Keep in the shade if possible. Roots will emerge from the leaves in 45 days.

Credit to-krishibangla

\`When the roots come out, bury the leaves along with the roots in another soil. This soil needs to have sufficient amount of manure. You can use dried tea leaves as a fertilizer because dried tea leaves contain a lot of nitrogen which is very important for foliage or any plant. If you want, you can use organic fertilizers like cow dung.

Within a few days, new shoots will begin to grow from the leaves. In this way you can make leafy plant seedlings very easily.



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