Confliction between Sajid and Salman Khan regarding a kiss scene

Despite the storm of criticism behind it, many people love to watch the kissing scene. But it must be passionate. Once upon a time, a chocolate called ‘Kiss Me’ came into the market. Sometimes you can see this chocolate in the shopping mall. There is the ‘Sunkissed’ bronzer. After all, many object to kissing. They seem extremely depressed. But still they are part of the audience. As a result, the directors sometimes manipulate their eyes so that the kissing scene does not become obscene.

But not only the audience, there are several actors and actresses who don’t want to act in kissing scenes. Among them is the hero Salman Khan who has always claimed himself as a ‘virgin’. Salman has always been reluctant to kiss onscreen in his career for so many years. As a result, he had to resort to manipulation in his superhit film ‘Mayone Pyaar Kiya’. However, Bhagyashree did not want to kiss Salman. Then the dream of a girl from a conservative family to become a heroine would have ended there. As a result, the director Suraj Barjatiya (Suraj Barjatiya) asked the hero and heroine to kiss on the other side of the glass. After taking the shot, the glass disappears as a result of the edit and Salman and Bhagyashree’s liplock kiss is shown in front of the audience.

At one point Salman’s face with Sajid Nadiawala was stopped because of a kiss. Sajid kept the liplock kiss in the film ‘Kick’ without knowing that Salman acted in the kiss scene. Later, however, he had to drop this scene.

But there are also common ‘cheats’. The camera takes the shot in such a way that it looks like the hero and heroine are kissing. But how is the shot taken? Which film contains this shot? Why should everything be leaked now? After all, it’s showbiz.

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