The lover of bride marry her by infront of her newly husband by putting vermilion in forehead

A strange incident happened at the wedding ceremony. It’s not just weird, it’s funny. The wedding has not yet started, the bride and groom sit side by side. The groom is busy talking to someone nearby, meanwhile the new wife is sitting quietly. A strange incident happened at such a wedding ceremony.

Many stories have been heard of marriage houses where either the bride ran away from the mandap or the groom returned. Nowadays, such scenes are seen occasionally in Bengali serials as well. As much as the mess will be in the wedding hall. As such, the wedding video that went viral is full of bizarre scenes that will make you laugh.

The viral wedding video shows the newlyweds sitting side by side on chairs. A boy suddenly rose from the back of the chair and applied vermilion to the new bride’s forehead. Rub vermilion on the forehead several times instead of once. The boy took all the pieces of paper that Sindur had brought by the girl’s forehead and ran away from behind the chair. Vyas, the wife disappeared, while the groom was still chatting with a relative of the Divya side.

As soon as the video went viral, many commented that it is all fake. This is a deliberately planned video. Like someone, no one saw so many people in the wedding house, did not stop, it is also possible! According to some, it is very funny, if the video is planned, it is also very funny. Incidentally, funny things happen in marriage house sometimes, so most of the time marriage house videos go viral on social media. Here is a glimpse of this viral video.


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