Big python swallow whole game black snake! Viral video at lightning speed

Have you seen the snake fight? Maybe you saw it. But you must not have seen the video of one snake swallowing another snake. Python is a very dangerous snake. That can swallow whole people. But this time it seems that Python itself has become a victim. What Indigo Snake did with Python will make you cringe.

The video showed a python snake roaming in the forest. It is clear that he is busy looking for his prey. At that time a big black indigo snake approached the python from behind. It is understood that the indigo snake has been targeting the python for quite some time.

After coming close, Indigo bit the python’s head and twisted it. Even though he tries a lot, he can’t get rid of anything in the end. Play Indigo by practically swallowing the python whole in no time at all. Seeing this horrible scene, the hair of the netizens stood on end.

The video was uploaded 8 years ago by a YouTube channel named ‘ojatro’. It has crossed 2.8 million views so far. Thousands of likes and comments have come. As everyone said, the scenery is also very scary. If you watch it, don’t forget to tell us what you think of this scene.

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