Beautiful Girl belly dance | Beautiful girl deepali vasisthas belly dance video goes viral

Everyone loves to watch belly dance. And especially since this dance is done by girls, there is a different curiosity. But now virtually everything is easily seen through social media. That’s why belly dance has become famous all over the world today. Recently, a beautiful young lady’s belly dance video has practically gone viral.

The young woman showed her talent in an empty big room. From the beginning of the video, he started dancing in a great way. The extraordinary twisting of the stomach and waist seems to have conquered all men from the beginning. Her body posture is completely like that of a professional belly dancer, which is where it is assumed that she is trained. The girl’s name is Deepali Vashistha.

She is wearing a blue-white Thai high slit skirt and a yellow crop top. Her mercurial figure is the main attraction of the video. Singer Asses Kaur and singer Jaani danced to the famous Punjabi song ‘Apsaraa’ on Diwali. He has already made quite a name for himself with his dancing through YouTube. This video was uploaded yesterday from YouTube channel named ‘Deepali Vashistha’.

This video has exceeded 8 thousand views so far. Immediately, netizens received a flood of likes and comments. Some said – ‘Amazing’ and some said ‘There is no answer to your talent’. Her channel has more beautiful dance videos that you can easily watch at your leisure. For now watch this video and don’t forget to let us know what you think.


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