Roosha Chatterjee: Back home after 9 months of marriage, Roosha Chatterjee blasts acting career

Some former actresses of the acting world have said goodbye to acting after marriage. One of them is Roosha Chatterjee. He was a very familiar face on the small screen. By playing the lead role in several serials, he won the hearts of the audience. The song of ‘Toma Amay Mile’ still remains in the minds of many serial lovers. But that Russa is now far away from the limelight of the entertainment industry. He got married and became an expatriate.

Rusha got married in January this year. Swami Anuran Roychowdhury is a software engineer by profession. He left Calcutta for America after marrying her. Currently, Rusa is getting a family in the United States. From there, he occasionally posted pictures of the happy couple on social media. Finally, after about 9 months of marriage, Rusha remembered Kolkata.

Rusa returned to Kolkata. But before entering the house, a big surprise was waiting for him in the middle of the sky. He suddenly met his former colleague Samrat Mukhopadhyay on the flight from Doha to Kolkata. His picture with Samrat, Maina is doing the rounds on social media. Rusha said to the media that there is joy in returning to one’s home. But he was really surprised to see the Emperor, Maina in the plane.

Rusha was associated with acting for 13 years. The popularity has also skyrocketed. Was it easy to suddenly leave everything and adapt to the new environment or was it a challenge for Russia? The former actress said that she still remembers every role in her acting career.

It was a chapter in his life that ended very well. Now Rusha has started another new chapter of life. He is happy. This is how you want to move towards the future. Rusha will come to Kolkata and spend some time with his family. He said that the return date has not been fixed yet.

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